​West Coast College Prep Academy

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Director of the West Coast College Prep Academy

Dr. Brett Parker, PhD.

​Dr. Brett Parker is an exceptional educator, writer, and thinker who has a passionate commitment to enhancing the quality of education. He has a Masters Degree in English from McGill University, and a PhD in English, with a specialization in Contemporary Cultural Theory, from The University of Calgary. He has extensive experience teaching at universities and, it is this experience, that has made him so successful in preparing students for college.

In the classroom and through the programs that he has designed, he seeks to close the gap between the analytical reading, writing, and thinking skills that universities expect students to have and the actual skills that high schools are developing in their students. In fact, it is his ability to teach university courses to high school students and, in the process, raise those students to the analytical reading, writing, and thinking level of university students that has made him exceptionally adept at helping students to raise their SAT, AP, and ACT exam scores.

Similarly, it is his experience teaching in universities and working as a writer that has led to his unprecedented success as a college application essay counsellor. He has a unique ability to get students to look deep into themselves to discover not only who they are but, also, who they want to become. He, then, uses his exceptional skills as an educator and as writer to teach students to mold this newfound knowledge of themselves into compelling narrative essays that make their college applications stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive college application environment. On top of that, his knowledge of what universities want and expect out of their students and his ability to impart this knowledge to the students that he works with ensure that all of the essays they write strengthen rather than diminish their college applications.

While, in his college application work, Dr. Parker has consistently cautioned students against including any extracurricular education they have received from test preparation and tutoring schools in their college applications, with the West Coast College Prep Academy, he was determined to create a school that students could proudly mention in their college applications. He has accomplished just that. Our students can confidently mention the courses that they took at the West Coast College Prep Academy, knowing that having received such an advanced education will only strengthen their applications.