​West Coast College Prep Academy

English Second Language Courses

The quite simple fact is that the more time English second language students spend reading, writing, and interacting in English, the quicker those students will develop a familiarity with the English language. Accordingly, at the West Coast College Prep Academy, our English Second Language Primer and Stabilizer courses develop a love for reading in English. To do so, we harness the power of the book series to create a sustained engagement with the language. In fact, book series are proven to foster a love of reading in young readers. The goal of these courses is to develop not only a familiarity with the English language, but also a love of reading that will continue to encourage the development of language skills long after the courses are completed.

The lessons on the novels are designed to encourage the retention of new vocabulary, the development of reading comprehension skills, and a burgeoning familiarity with Western Culture. What students gain from the novel studies is augmented by lessons and assignments on grammar, idioms, sentence construction, and other writing problems that plague English second language readers.

Our English Second Language Primer and Stabilizer courses will prepare students for our Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking, and College Prep Program curriculums, in which students will go from playing catch-up with their high school classmates to excelling far above them.   

We offer our English Second Language courses primarily to Grade 8 and 9 students to prepare them for entry into our College Prep Program. Based on availability, we will offer ESL classes to older students throughout the year. Please contact us to schedule a consultation with our director to determine if there is an ESL class available for those students at that time.