​West Coast College Prep Academy

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Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking 


Our Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking courses, designed by university professors for high school students, develop the evidence-based, real world application, critical thinking, reading, and writing skills necessary for success in college. In fact, the objective of the courses is to close the gap between the analytical skills that universities expect students to have and the actual skills that high schools are developing in their students. Since our curriculum is designed to enhance the very skills that the SAT tests in its Evidence-Based Reading and Writing sections, our courses will not only lead to future success in university but also significant improvement in SAT scores. At the same time, these courses are configured to teach students the knowledge and skills necessary to excel on both the AP English Language and the AP English Literature exams. Consequently, in our Critical Reading, Writing, and Thinking courses students will receive an education that is designed to significantly improve their scores on the SAT and AP exams, teach them to read, write, and think at a university level, and give them the academic prowess necessary to get into, as well as to succeed at, the best colleges.


The curriculum of our courses is specifically tailored to not only provide the foundations of university study but also to provoke critical thought. In these courses, students are taught to read and analyze a wide variety of fiction and nonfiction texts, spanning a wide breadth of Western Culture. In them, students learn to read analytically. That is, students are taught to go beyond reading to garner information or comprehend the text in question. Instead, we encourage our students to pay close attention to the logical development and rhetorical composition of the arguments that particular texts advance. We, then, help students to analyze how these arguments contribute to a larger discussion that is taking place not only within the particular historical context for which the text was written but also beyond borders and across centuries. To help students to understand the larger discussion that is taking place and what contribution specific texts make to that discussion, each of our courses takes up a specific discussion that has helped to shape Western Culture. Furthermore, by helping our students to analyze the logical development and rhetorical composition of the arguments, we, in turn, teach them to develop their own writing through the texts that they read so that their education in writing takes its foundations in some of the best writers to ever put pen to paper. We, then, supplement this education in writing with lessons in grammar, sentence composition, paragraph construction, essay organization, and logical coherence.