Whether you would like to improve your scores on the entire exam  or need to focus in on one section, our  SAT™ programs are  designed to give you the comprehensive education necessary to do  so. We strive to get our students into the best programs at the best colleges, so we treat SAT™ preparation as the serious endeavour that  it is. Our SAT™ Preparation will teach students the critical reading,  writing, thinking, and math skills they need to excel on the Redesigned SAT™. We recognize that different students have different strengths and schedules, so in our SAT™ programs we provide different streams and intensities. Students take and review full length practice exams. 

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We take a big picture approach to college preparation that enhances critical thinking, reading, writing, and communication skills. Students  receive an education that is designed to significantly improve their exam scores, teach them to read, write, and think at a university level, and give them the academic prowess necessary to get into, as well as to succeed at, the best universities.

Earn admittance to the best colleges and universities through our college prep courses, SAT prep courses, and college application essay help

Distance Education and Online Learning is available for all courses. Contact us for more information.

Our Courses

The quite simple fact is that the more time English second language students spend reading, writing, and interacting in English, the quicker those students will develop a familiarity with the English language. Accordingly, at the West Coast College Prep Academy, our English Second Language Primer and Stabilizer courses develop a love for reading in English. To do so, we harness the power of the book series to create a sustained engagement with the language. In fact, book series are proven to foster a love of reading in young readers. The goal of these courses is to develop not only a familiarity with the English language, but also a love of reading that will continue to encourage the development of language skills long after the courses are completed.

​West Coast College Prep Academy

The college application process is extremely competitive. To earn admittance to elite universities, students need exceptional high school GPA’s, evidence of extracurricular excellence, a strong record of service to the community,  high SAT™, SAT™ Subject, and AP™ scores, and memorable college application essays. To stay on track, find the right opportunities, and overcome academic hurdles, students often need the guidance of an academic counsellor.

Unfortunately, there is significant gap between the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that universities expect students to have and the actual skills that high schools are developing in their students. Luckily, our Core Curriculum (designed by university professors for high school students) can close this gap. In doing so, it will also lead to significant improvements in SAT™ and AP™ scores.