​West Coast College Prep Academy

⬥ Guidance in deciding on a field of study

⬥ Advice on what colleges and programs are   

    best suited to the student

⬥ Help applying to pre-collegiate programs

⬥ One-on-one tutoring in English    

⬥ Priority enrolment in all College Prep courses

Upper Level courses include: 

⬥ College Application Strategizing

⬥ College Application Essay Guidance

⬥ College Application Essay Editing

⬥ Help with Scholarship Applications

⬥ Help with American College Applications

⬥ Help with Canadian University Applications

⬥ College Prep, AP, and SAT Courses

We take a big picture approach to college preparation that enhances critical thinking, reading, writing, and communication skills. Students  receive an education that is designed to significantly improve their exam scores, teach them to read, write, and think at a university level, and give them the academic prowess necessary to get into, as well as to succeed at, the best universities.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to education. Our students study literature, rhetoric, ethics, history, philosophy, comparative politics, ecology, physics, neurology, economics, sociology, psychology, linguistics, and current events. The objective is to develop an understanding of the world that is rooted in contemporary knowledge, theories, and problems.

We place an emphasis on communication. Simply put, no other ability has as much of an impact on our success, in our academic studies, our careers, and our lives, as the ability to communicate effectively.

Grade 10

Through reading, lectures, discussions, presentations, and essays, students are introduced to a wide array of contemporary knowledge. Students also learn the foundational communication skills that we will enhance throughout their high school and university years.

Grade 11

Through reading, lectures, discussions, presentations, and essays, students delve deeper into a variety of fields. Students are encouraged to take the AP Exams that our courses prepare them for. They are encouraged to take up internships, volunteer work, and collegiate programs.

 Grade 12

Through reading, lectures, discussions, presentations, essays, and independent studies, students begin to develop mastery in their field of study. Students also prepare their college applications and are encouraged to take up internships, volunteer work, and collegiate programs.

Our College Prep Program includes:

⬥ Emphasis on Critical Reading, Writing and Thinking

⬥ Study of University-level texts

⬥ Group discussions to strengthen communication skills

⬥ Strong focus on quality essay writing

⬥ Lectures delivered by professors

⬥ Academic presentations given by students

⬥ Guidance on science fair projects

⬥ Access to internships and volunteer opportunities

⬥ Improvement of self-directed learning

⬥ Evaluations of academic C.V.s

⬥ Regular academic check-ups

⬥ Advice on what courses and exams to take

(for High school, AP, SAT and SAT Subject)

⬥ Advice on what activities to participate in

​⬥Goal Setting

College prep program will run from September through June

**Since we believe in equal access to education, we provide income-based scholarships to families who qualify.

If you wish to apply for our College Prep Program, please complete the following form. Space is limited, and filling up quickly. 

College Prep Program