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⬥ College Application Strategizing

⬥ College Application Essay Guidance

⬥ College Application Essay Editing

⬥ Help with Scholarship Applications

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College counselling services include:

⬥ Evaluations of academic C.V.s

⬥ Regular academic check-ups

⬥ Advice on what courses and exams to take

⬥ Advice on what activities to participate in

⬥ Goal setting

⬥ Guidance in deciding on a field of study

⬥ Advice on what colleges and programs are   

    best suited to the student


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Tuition :  College Counselling is included as part of our College Prep Program.

College Counselling

The college application process is extremely competitive. To earn admittance to elite universities, students need exceptional high school GPA’s, evidence of extracurricular excellence, a strong record of service to the community,  high SAT, SAT Subject, and AP scores, and memorable college application essays. To stay on track, find the right opportunities, and overcome academic hurdles, students often need the guidance of an academic counsellor.

Over the past ten years, Dr. Brett Parker has been helping students to maximize their potential and earn admittance to the best universities in the world. While typical college counsellors will charge exorbitant fees to do nothing more than meet with the student for two to three hours per month, Dr. Parker has developed a much more intensive process that includes the educational opportunities students need to achieve and demonstrate excellence.

It is his experience teaching in universities and working as a writer that has led to his unprecedented success as a college application essay counsellor. He has a unique ability to get students to look deep into themselves to discover not only who they are but, also, who they want to become. He, then, uses his exceptional skills as an educator and as writer to teach students to mold this newfound knowledge of themselves into compelling narrative essays that make their college applications stand out from the crowd in an increasingly competitive college application environment. On top of that, his knowledge of what universities want and expect out of their students and his ability to impart this knowledge to the students that he works with ensure that all of the essays they write strengthen rather than diminish their college applications.