"West Coast Academy has given me what school could not. It challenges me to question the world, to reach out in hopes of grasping a new, undiscovered idea. It has provided me with an avenue to pursue academic material in a warm, inviting atmosphere—a stark contrast against the bleak concrete walls of most schools. Above all, the program has instilled a newfound confidence in myself."

​​- Jimmy Shan

 Registration for our 2018-2019 College Prep Program is now open!

College Prep and SAT in Surrey/White Rock:

Improve your SAT™ and AP™ scores, and earn admittance to the best colleges and universities through our college prep courses.

The college application process is extremely competitive. To earn admittance to elite universities, students need exceptional high school GPA’s, evidence of extracurricular excellence, a strong record of service to the community,  high SAT™, SAT™ Subject, and AP™ scores, and memorable college application essays. To stay on track, find the right opportunities, and overcome academic hurdles, students often need the guidance of an academic counsellor.

We take an interdisciplinary approach to education. Our students study literature, rhetoric, ethics, history, philosophy, comparative politics, ecology, physics, neurology, sociology, psychology, linguistics, and current events. The objective is to develop an understanding of the world that is rooted in contemporary knowledge, theories, and problems. In the meantime, students learn the foundations necessary for many AP™ exams. Our comprehensive approach is what makes us the premier choice for SAT in Surrey.

*SAT™ and AP™ are registered Trademarks of the College Board

The West Coast College

Prep Academyin White Rock, BC is an extracurricular college preparatory school. We offer courses designed by university professors, for high school students, to develop the evidence-based, real world application, critical thinking, reading, writing, and math skills necessary for students to earn admission to the best colleges and universities and thrive once they are there. Since our curriculum is designed to enhance the very skills that the SAT™ tests, our courses will not only lead to future success in university but also significant improvement in SAT™ scores. At the West Coast College Prep Academy students will receive an education that is designed to improve their scores on the SAT™ and AP™ exams, teach them to read, write, and think at a university level, and give them the academic prowess necessary to get into, as well as to succeed at, the best colleges. Our unique approach and comprehensive curriculum make us the best choice for SAT and College Prep in Surrey/White Rock.

​West Coast College Prep Academy

Unfortunately, there is significant gap between the critical reading, writing, and thinking skills that universities expect students to have and the actual skills that high schools are developing in their students. Luckily, our Core Curriculum (designed by university professors for high school students) can close this gap. In doing so, it will also lead to significant improvements in SAT™ and AP™ scores.